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Pad Thai Sala Daeng @ Silom, Bangkok

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I tried to hunt down the best pad thais around and one thing for sure, the food court ones are definitely way pricier but for a more authentic taste, head to where locals eat only. Aroimakmak listed his top eats and we were lucky enough to track it down quite easily. 

spot the robin blue

Located just behind Silom Complex, the lane that leads to the stall is busy and without a proper signage, I can identify the stalls with the robin blue walls that were featured.


The place was packed by 12noon and almost everyone was waiting for their food – an expected bottleneck since there was only 1 person frying away at the wok at such neckbreaking speed. Each plate probably took her half a minute and she was back at the start of refrying another plate. 


One woman behind the wok that deserves much praise - watching her cook is therapeutic.

tow gay

The pile of beansprouts.


In the mass of thai words I can only manage “pad thai”, hoping it would turn out as imagined. What took like almost 45 minutes later and nearly everyone around us tucking into plates of noodle, ours finally arrived.

pad thai

Slightly disappointed with what we got, we wanted the shrimp and prawns but ours came almost basic. We also did not get the basket of ginger shoots, beansprouts and the rest of what goes into a pad thai. Perhaps they thought we were tourists who did not have many encounters with pad thai.


For 50 THB, I got oodles of sweet noodle and they bore a lovely aroma to it. Not quite to die for as I would have expected but I suppose that is how the local thais have their food – sweet.

Pad Thai Sala Daeng

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