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Mandarin Oriental Bakery @ Siam Paragon

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Mandarin Oriental Bakery is one place very close to heart, since the first time we step foot in it in Bangkok's Central Chidlom just for their white chocolate macadamia cookies. Those were the days that Subway cookies were unheard of and the only time I enjoyed such large cookies were from Mandarin Oriental's Bakery.

Come to think of it, I have blogged about it quite a few times too. Subsequently, I even paid Mandarin Oriental Hotel a visit but did not have time for their high tea nor tea even.

Now, these are available at Siam Paragon's boutique bakery.

Macarons I had to get since they were completely sold out one day - yes it was Valentine's. At SGD 2 per piece, it is not cheap for Bangkok standards and they were not uniformly that delicious afterall. If I had to pick, I'd say the hazelnut worked for me whilst the others did not.

mandarin oriental bakes

Ham and Cheese Croissant (95 THB) is considerably a steal given its size.


One huge buttery pastry in its full glory, right before our budget flight home. Thank god for these lifesavers I need not pay through my nose for airline food.

ham croissant 

Am oomph kind of satisfaction where meat and bread duels to bring on a satisfying treat. 

It is a pity I missed out on their gorgeous dessert creations and white chocolate macadamia cookies that were nowhere to be seen. A return, for sure.

Mandarin Oriental Bakery
Siam Paragon

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