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Ice Mania @ Union Mall, Bangkok

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ice mani

Ice Mania was one of the reasons why I bothered to include Union Mall in the itinerary though. Touted as a place where university students and the fashion conscious hang out in Bangkok, I was curious. Some say it is better to visit Chatuchak Market and Union Mall together since they are along the same line – I say visit only if you have too much time on your hands.


A row of toppings to choose from.

dried strawberries and nuts

My chosen toppings - freeze dried strawberries and chopped peanuts.


Adding in the final ingredient - yogurt.


Putting the metal ware to good use with a good deal of clinging and clanging.


More milk?


The huge sheet of frozen yogurt.


Rolls of it.

ice mania

It is hard to miss this one out since it is a standalone right smack amidst the shops. We had ours yogurt flavoured icecream with peanuts and raspberries. Quite an odd flavor but well I suppose icecream tastes good regardless. The cold plate basically keeps the liquid yogurt cold and freezes it by the time the lady is done with the scrapping and clanging of tools. I found it watered down creative attempt on icecream.

Ice Mania
Union Mall

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