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Hawker Center near Banyan Tree Bangkok

My first hawker center experience in Bangkok proved rather exciting. This place was perpetually packed during lunch hour (read 11 plus am till 130pm) with office workers from nearby flooding the place.


The makeshift hawker center that can actually sit a large number of diners.


One chicken to last through the day.

hawker center

The ENO reminder was quite hilarious.

tom yum mee

Tom Yum Fish Ball Noodles

We requested for less spicy which proved to be a wrong decision – turned out more sweet than sour, a disappointing one in the land of tomyum.

char siew rice

Char Siew Rice

A very decent take on roast pork rice, the only thing then was the portion and the boiled cabbage that is different from what we have locally.


We spotted this on the way out - grilled fish with vegetables! I wonder how it tastes like though.

10 minutes walking distance from Banyan Tree Bangkok

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