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Chatuchak Market Eats


Chatuchak used to be a must visit every time I head to Bangkok but after I discovered the magic of Platinum Mall – why bother about shopping under stuffy tents and sweat like piglets when there is the comfort of airconditioning? Woe is me when I realized the same item at Platinum Mall at “wholesale price” was more expensive than the same at Chatuchak Market. Seems that the comforts of air conditioning has returned to bite my wallet instead.


Hard to ignore coconut icecream stall. 


Coconut Icecream (50THB)

Almost every visitor to Chatuchak has raved about their must try coconut icecream and believe me or not, in the last decade of visits, I have yet to. Exit the Chatuchak Market MRT Station and enter through the gates that brought me right smack where the coconut icecream fans gather. It is a systematic procedure, order-pick my toppings-get a cup of coconut juice free.

coconut icecream

I ended up heading back for seconds after the first refreshing husk with a generous serving of succulent coconut flesh, icecream with nuts and sticky rice. It was an entrance to heaven nearly, especially on a scorching day.

coconut juice

The cooling coconut juice was just too good to ignore.

coconut icecream

Double the joy - the real Mccoy and the fake!


Trust them to have rivals and imitations of the real deal – we chanced upon at least four other stalls selling the same stuff and either at the same price or 10 THB lower. Turned out, it was vanilla icecream in a coconut husk.

coconut icecream 2

Same same but different. 


Spotting another stall. 

coconut icecream

More imitations!

Let me take you on a virtual food tour of Chatuchak! 


I stopped in the tracks of doner kebab.


Chatuchak Market can be a food haven on its own with pop up coffee stands, doner stands and even teh tarik too!

chicken or lamb

We let hunger get the better of us and caved into a chicken wrap just because it was being sold out faster than the lamb. Pita bread wrapped around a generous portion of greens and grilled chicken.


Too good. 

always hungry

Muslim food in Chatcuchak.


On the spot garlic bread. 


In the mood for Spanish paella?


Suitable for the international palette.


Teh Tarik?


More colourful drinks.

coconut heaven

Coconuts in the hot weather is an absolute chill treat!

zsun coffee

Coffee stops along the way.


Their full coffee listing.

iced coffee

Iced americano, the coffee addict was satiated. 

fried food

Fried food always find its way around the hot weather - how do people even eat such heaty food in such hot weather!


Really pretty strawberries - I'd have caved in had it not been for the roving flies. 

more stalls

We found time to sit by the makeshift food court and picked a stall that had the least tourists to dine at. Average food that was whipped up on a whim and managed to silence our hunger pangs for the rest of our hike around Chatuchak.


Sausage and seafood salad that exceeded my expectations.


Sliced pork rice - ordinarily so.

tom yum soup

A letdown of a tom yum soup, too sweet!

My advise is have a heavy breakfast or brunch before taking on Chatuchak - it is a whimsical place for road eats but not a proper place. It is afterall touristy to some extent - enjoy your weekend market!

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.

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