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Banyan Tree Bangkok: The Executive Club Experience

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I never thought that I would opt for a local hotel overseas since the global brand names are plentiful. Honeymoon does weird things to people I conclude – the only time any form of extravagance is legitimate.

more flowers

A huge welcome at the lobby - if only they belonged to me!


Upclose of these posies.

corn flake cookies

Knick knacks next to the traditional instrument player.


Welcome drinks at the main lounge before we get whisked up for the express check in.

Anyone up for a glass of bubbly or two so early in the morning?

twg tea

How about some tea?

executive lounge 

The lounge just next to our express check in counter.


More welcome drinks, only this time it arrived more chilled.


Our welcome wrist corsages - ahhhh, thai hospitality is such a charm sometimes.

tea spread

We delved straight into teabreak that was served all day from 11am to 5pm daily.


Freshly squeezed juices to quench our thirst, there was a selection of watermelon and apple juices or whatever that was remaining from breakfast.


Their cookies were amazing! I particularly loved the raisin cornflake cookies that I guiltily stood at the jar and filling my plate with.


Two types of sandwiches - one vegetarian and another meant for the carnivore. Both were pretty decent teatime eats.


Desserts to end of this snack time, neither was outstanding unfortunately.

club lounge

Time to check out our room!


Thanks to Banyan Tree, I received an early Valentine’s Day bouquet from the hotel and the Husband cannot be more delighted. Rose petals strewn on the bed and what looked like a gingerly wrapped together bouquet, brownie points earned for trying to romantize the atmosphere.


Couple sinks.


Banyan tree logoed towels.

room view

The executive lounge room we had came with all day teabreak, freeflow canapés and cocktails at evening time and of course, a room with a view of the cityline.


More of their emblazoned items.


Our welcome amentities that comprised of a really decent red wine and a tropical fruit platter.

tropical fruit

All the familiar fruits, I would have loved snakeskin fruit or an occasional rambutan or even mango.

fruit menu

This is specially catered for the non-Asians.


Freshly cut fruit for the missus by the mister - the perks of being on a honeymoon I say!


Fussing over our coffeemachine, which was not a Nespresso.

bath robes

I found interest in their super fashionable bath robes and contemplated bringing one home!


Matching slippers that were too comfy - I could just stay in the room all day long wearing these cushy ones.


On the house - a bottle that we enjoyed the same night.


The lovely folk at Banyan Tree were really prompt in house keeping, the moment we stepped out for drinks they dived in for a round of cleaning and placed these on the pillows - lovely mementos! It scared us quite abit with their promptness in house keeping but that should be the standard at 5* hotels no?


My adopted sea turtle in support of conservation of them.

Perhaps it was the post-wedding fatigue that made this hotel a perfect choice since we did nothing but laze around the hotel to eat and try to read a book, drink enough cocktails to be tipsy before going for proper drinks and eat our fill pre dinner so dinner was skipped.


Happy hour spread!


Our happy hour caps, too sweet for the whiskey lover but I loved these easy drinks.


more food

This was a international spread with a bit of everything that whetted our appetites greatly.

hot food

Fried food is always welcome over happy hour. I made a beeline for the tasty drumlets.


The hubba preferred to go healthy with his cucumber sticks and olives.


More sushi with a dollop of kimchi.

more sushi

Trays of goodies.


More of the delicious sushi, I never thought much about sushi in Bangkok since the rice was so much denser but these at Banyan Tree were actually quite good!


Fruit with cheese had to be a first and proved better eaten separately.

braised duck

Braised duck that was so good on its own, a bowl of rice with this would be ideal.


hot bites

Nothing to scream about sausage puffs and a really delicious gazpacho that I downed so many shooters of!

cold cuts

It also came with a decent selection of cold cuts.

Every meal enjoyed at the Club lounge was a joyous affair, including breakfast - away from the hustle and bustle of the other tourists.


Freshly fried bacon. All that glitters is not gold, but fat.


I love having my mind boggled by choices.


Too pretty to eat but too many other things to eat to try this.


Spotted the honeycomb that also proved popular with other diners - this tastes great with greek yogurt!

cold cuts

I'm starting to see repeats from pre-dinner tapas, loved the smoked salmon!

For the breakfast special, we get an order of eggs each. We could get it done any way desired - as long as the chef was up for a challenge.


A boring spinach omelette before I took on more daring oral adventures.


Scrambled eggs on toast, loved the balance of egg juice here.

eggs benny

Eggs Benedict, my best friend though they did not look that photogenic.


It passed the egg yolk test with flying colours!


Pile on the bacon.


An all too familiar asian breakfast item - fried dough fritters with soyabean milk and frog's eggs - not the literal sense but this was just an add-on!


Congee with a pile of well seasoned ingredients.

thai noodles

The slightly sour broth made this a close competitor to tom yum for waking the senses up in the morning. Loved how it came together with the preserved vegetable and diced chilli - pow wow yum.


The sweet finishes that made me smile because of the exotic options of preserves - imagine shan dong pear preserve? Just pear preserve but it sounded exotic.


Ending our morning grazes with freshly squeezed juice - bliss!


I particularly appreciate the complimentary tuktuk service to the nearest MRT or BTS station though attempting it during peak hours is as good as taking a slow stroll there.

Without a doubt, it was a stellar experience staying at Banyan Tree. I wish we indulged in one of those signature spa treatments as well - but like the rest say, another time perhaps?

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