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Asiatique @ Bangkok

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Lumpini Stadium is now replaced with Asiatique, a boat’s ride away from the main island. We took a boat ride from the pier to Asiatique, a nightspot made famous with the huge ferris wheel and series of restaurants that screams touristy. Throngs of tourists flood the place like bees to honey and it did not help that they were running a food festival as well in conjunction with Valentine’s Day. (Yes I know the backlog).


Hop onto the boat for a free ride but first join the queue that is waiting for it. Else face having to pay private boat owners for a private ride there.


The boat ride was considered smooth though choppy at parts and approximately 15 minutes later, we first sighted Asiatique from afar. It is quite hard to miss seeing the huge ferris wheel sparkling at night.


The streets were studded with restaurants and all the touristy things that well tourists love to indulge in - portrait drawnings included.


The sighting of the huge ferris wheel that was hardly patronized.


Turkish cusines making its rounds in Thailand. I've never quite seen a single stall that sells both icecream and kebab.


There was a foodfair going on as well and no better way to celebrate the yum with a bottle of thai beer.


Lots of street food to spoil the diners.

ferris wheel

Upclose and personal with the huge ferris wheel.


Having missed it at Platinum Mall earlier in the day, I had to get my fix of Annette's.


This is gelato gone gourmet in a van.

gelato pops

Too pretty to ignore, just pick and choose whatever appeals!

mango passionfruit

It was there that the only thing I tried was a mango passionfruit gelato (80THB), the IT thing in Bangkok right now. They have added a creative spin to the truck and of course gelato that usually comes in scoops but now in popsicles. I spotted the same gelato truck at Chatuchak too.

There is so much to see and soak up at Asiatique but one question remains: how much of Lumpini Park did it import over? Almost all if you ask me, too touristy to buy anything but it’s just a nice manmade place to unwind and experience at the otherside of Bangkok.


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