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After You Dessert Cafe @ Terminal 21, Bangkok

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after you

Hooray to this sprouting all over Bangkok and its outlets are conveniently located at Terminal 21.


I was really tempted to grab a slice but I had to have my honey toast first. 

shibuya toast

Baby Shibuya Sticky Toffee Toast

Greedy me would have opted for the full size but gave into “what if it does not taste good” suspicions. Drizzled in caramel sauce, the thick toast looked inviting. Thick pillowy toast with enough density and a honeyed crisp exterior that threw all diet plans out of the window. Did I already mention the salted caramel icecream was an oral combustion of savoury and sweet. Orgasmic kind of satisfying and most importantly, worth every single calorie.


Coffee kicks.

take home

I wish I had time to snoop around, buy some of their homemade cookies home or even stay longer than toast and coffee. Another return on the cards for sure.


Screams take me home, pronto!


They are so serious about their coffee. 

after you

After You, I'm already missing you!

After You Dessert Cafe
Terminal 21

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