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Kat & Alfie's @ International Plaza

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Kat and Alfie have been around for too long, from a single shop space to now a double, I finally paid them a visit - all clueless about what to order or how to order even. All they have is a menu - self explanatory to some extent and everyone seems to know how to go about. I joined the queue and then made my order only to deviate from the rest by asking "Can I have my panini in wraps?" Kat flatly refused. "It's Kat's Carnivore so you eat what I decide."

So yes, the stories of the nazi chef come ringing true. Kat is brutally honest, cracks a joke or two with her regulars, does not mince her words - take it or leave it attitude mostly. But hey, it is a respite from the cafes that go all out to please.

I get served my panini on a plate at a corner - there is a bench reserved for dine in customers and we get the privilege of eating with our backs facing the other customers.

Kat's Carnivore ($8.50) is a toasted sandwich grilled with cheese, shredded chicken and bacon bits. In all simplicity, I was expecting alot more for a carnivore but I was thankful halfway through the sandwich that was all to it. One hearty sandwich that came together like ham and cheese, loved the combination and the crispiness of the bread.

While I was finishing my last morsel, I hear Kat nudging her regulars to make space for others "Guys, just move. You want to sit a woman between you is it?"

Love or hate it, I happen to love this place to bits.

The second visit came shortly after when I was still obsessing over the wrap I did not get to try.

Chicken and Bacon ($9) in tortilla wrap did not take too long to arrive. The moment it went on instagram, there were questions on where this hearty number came from. Yes, very wholesome wrap with enough meats to make this look more like a carnivore's dream than a balanced meal. It was Kat's Carnivore returning in a wrap without the cheese. Loved it.

Once again, I witnessed Kat's raw humour as she berated customers for taking too long to eat or give out hugs to old time customers. It was such joy sitting there watching all of these roll by - a huge rarity in CBD. And I am so loving it.

Be back soon!

Kat and Alfie's 
International Plaza

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  1. Kat, the sandwich nazi is back!

    Miss her sandwiches?
    Drop by The Travellers Table located at
    137 Cecil Street, #01-02