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En Dining @ Aloccasia Apartments

Special thanks to Katherine for the invite!

En Dining is bringing authentic okinawan cuisine to the heartlands with their new outlet at Alocassia Apartments. Free flow Queen Crab and Seafood Hot Pot in this $68++ Premium Buffet available everyday.


Dining options available include tables like these.

sushi counter

Bar counter seats for a more intimate experience.

tatami rooms

Private dining rooms are also open for reservation.


They have an extensive range of sake to go with the dishes. 


This is the showcase of their Premium Buffet - shabu shabu! We had a platter of vegetables first. 

beef shabu shaby

Beef Shabu Shabu


Marbled slices of heaven, each was melt in the mouth delicious in the dipping sauce.

beef shabu shabu

I can eat this every day.


Pork Shabu Shabu

As gratifying as the beef, I find it difficult to pick a favourite.

queen crab

I have not eaten King Crab legs, here comes Queen Crab. The flesh is incredibly sweet and can be eaten two ways - cold as served or dipped in the hotpot. Either way, having the whole crab meat chunk falling out of the shell and sucking it up is quite an experience. 

sashimi moriawase

Sashimi Platter
Salmon, Yellow Tail, Tuna, Red Snapper, Swordfish

This buffet sports a wider variety of raw fish as compared to the other Japanese buffet restaurants attempted which is a welcome addition for frequent buffet diners like myself. I found the selection adequate and fresh.


Temaki selection


Salad with raw fish, fish roe and greens makes good of the raw food in the dish.

california maki

California Roll

tuna rolls

Lightly Grilled Salmon with Miso Sauce Roll

On top of the usual favourites like california roll and handrolls, there is a selection of creative sushi that includes salmon with miso sauce as well as aburi wagyu beef sushi. 


Beef Carpaccio

beef carpaccio

Sliced so fine, these flavourful slices are definitely worth seconds.

salmon carpaccio

Salmon Wafu Carpaccio

Another must try includes this salmon carpaccio with a dressing so addictive, I am on the fence if the beef or salmon is a better option.


Riding on the high of the beef carpaccio, we had the teppanyaki beef too. Grilled tender cubes that were bursting with juice.


Yakitori platter that showcases their grill, special mention goes to the grilled chicken balls and grilled pork with miso.

ebi tempura

Crisp ebi tempura that is a must try at any Japanese buffet.


Remarkably light and delicious!

grilled scallop

Grilled Scallops

This stir fry would be better if served piping hot, I still adored the bouncy chewy texture of this.


Grilled Squid

This is a must order - tasty black sauce grilled squid! Tender bites make this a perfect accompaniment with sake.

bittergourd spam

This fry up was more oriental than Japanese in my opinion, goes well with rice.

One major plus point at this buffet is, desserts are also included. 

However, do not rely on the pictures on the menu because they turned out otherwise. Thankfully the panna cotta was smooth, sweet and very delectable.

black sesame pudding

Black sesame pudding had a gritty texture and is a jell-o version of the black sesame paste.

green tea

Green tea panna cotta and azuki beans is the universal favourite at any Japanese meal - this did not disappoint either.


We had a swell time pairing the food with sake, a lighter and fruitier alternative to beer. 

In addition to the buffet, there is an ala carte menu as well as omakase sets (starting from $70).

I have 3 x Free Maguro Tataki Appetizer and 3 x Free Beef Carpaccio vouchers for giveaway! All you need to do is leave a comment with your email and choice by 11 April 2014! Vouchers are issued on first come first served basis. Only Singaporeans need apply. Note that redemption is only valid with a minimum spending of $30 on ala carte, the last day of redemption is 30 April 2014. Vouchers are not valid on eve and on public holidays and redemption is limited to one coupon per visit. 

For all my readers, quote "bloggers promotion" at En Alocassia to enjoy a 10% discount off your bill! This promotion will be valid from 1 -31 April 2014.


If all else fails, visit the restaurant to make an attempt on their monthly promotions - good luck!

En Japanese Dining Bar @ Alocassia
383 Bukit Timah Road
#01-01 Alocassia Apartments

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