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Dessert Cup Revisited @ Raffles City

Dessert Cup reprised its menu not too long ago to include pound cakes and cake pops. We had a go at their cupcakes and loaf cakes. 

red velvet

Red Velvet

The bright pink dollop differentiated this flavour from the rest and while they say it is cream cheese, I thought it was just oily to taste rather than cream cheese. The red velvet was on the dry side as well. 


Choco Lava Fudge

Classified under specials, this had to be moist because of the ton of ingredients piled on - rich chocolate fudge on a soft vanilla cake and a melting chocolate lava center. Arguably the most moist of the three attempted. 



Nothing to scream about, the chopped pistachios were telling of the flavour. 

loaf cakes

The trio of loaf cakes. 

lemon yogurt

Lemon Yogurt 

The lemon drizzle made this uber yummy.  



The same butter cake topped with icing sugar and cranberries, forgettable much if you ask me. 

chocolate lava

Dark Chocolat

Death by chocolate quite nearly.

The same problem persisted with the loaf cakes (3 for $10) - the dryness continued. 

Dessert Cup
Raffles City

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