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Celebrate Mother's Day with JP Pepperdine Cakes!

Special thanks Yi Ting for the cake!

Mother's Day for the family is an annual celebration, and this year is no different. I had a combined celebration for both the mom and mother in law and JP Pepperdine so kindly sent us a cake to sample!  I grew up with Jack's Place cakes - the very first cake bought with my piggybank money was for my mom's birthday and back then, it felt doubly good walking out with a cake I saved so hard for. Literally every cent counted to that cheesecake.

There are 3 types of cakes created for the celebration this year, I will only be reviewing one flavour.

happy mothers day

Mango Chocolate Surprise ($58)

mango chocolate

Another shot of the beautifully created cake.


This cake serves 8-10 generously and is a luscious layered cake with fresh mango, chocolate mousse in vanilla and chocolate sponge cake. I was surprised that it was so fresh, barely any taste of soggyness even after a couple of days. It had the right balance of chocolate and vanilla - lip smacking delish!

We were all impressed with the cake - a far cry from their cheaper range in fact.

Mango Double Decker ($68)
Size:  1.5 kg (serves 10-15 pax)
Fresh mango mousse in vanilla sponge, topped with mango slices. Double decked with Raspberry macarons!

Mango Loaf ($62)
Size: 1.3 kg (serve 10-12 pax)
Lavish concoction of mango mousse tastefully enclosed between layers of soft vanilla sponge, topped with fresh mango cubes and tastefully lined with sponge fingers!

From now till 11 May 2014, customers who order their Mother’s Day Cakes are entitled to 15% off the cake price.  JP Pepperdine members get additional 500 bonus points for Mother’s Day cake order during this period.

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