Bun Master @ Tanjong Pagar Complex

Bun Master has been taking the neighbourhood by storm since its hurried renovations and opening all within a week and they started a marketing blitz with discounted breads going for as low as 50 cents to 90 cents. Breakfast, lunch and post work crowds have been strong with a minimum of a 10 number strong in line at any one point in time – the ovens have not stopped working, neither have the cash registers stopped ringing.

molten custard

Molten Custard Bun ($1.50)

molten custard

I love the pau version too much and was hoping a bun version would ensue. It did across a number of bread shops and the only attempt I had at Barcook was dismal. Friends have pointed me to Baker Talent (argh, the distance) but I had no chance at it until Bread Master with a version so good, I would risk my cholesterol levels for this soft one with enough filling to drown the bread. The first day the buns were so hot they nearly melted the plastic bags, the second day these were well cooled and still as good. On the sweet side however but I am so lovin’ this.

cheese custard

Cheese Custard Bun ($1.50)

This was less gratifying than the custard bun – I suppose this offering balances the savoury in the sweet.


Milk Bun ($1.50)

milk pan

The “milk” is a sticky milk jelly on top of the sweetened bun.

I am already sold - can't wait to try the rest of their buns!

Bun Master
Tanjong Pagar Complex