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The Library Bar @ Campbell Lane

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I have long heard about this particular bar that needs a password for entrance – it’s almost as good as getting the door shut in your face if you forgot that week’s password. 

The cheeky bouncer who insisted on a song instead of the password. 

Call us lucky or not that the girlfriend need not belt a tune in exchange when a random stranger muttered the password and we were granted entry into another world altogether. What we see looks like a shopfront of a tailor’s shop, is actually a cover for the dark underground pub that sports the same furniture work as Keong Siak Snacks, now known as The Study. 

Enter The Library and be greeted by shelves of bits and bobs. 

Emmanual and Sons.

How about get some clothes sewn?

More nostalgic bits. 

Cartoon influenced menu. 

I sought solace in the lamp - quite pretty don't you think?

We found space by the bar, right infront of a bartender. It is one of those favoured seats that would get me some interaction with the bartender but no, this particular bartender was all of sullen face and our only interaction with him was when he passed us our drinks. 

First taste of his sullenness. 

Zero interaction. 

And I thought it was because it was someone else's drink so this was ours and he still did not say a word. 

Tiffany blue piss. 

Continuing his attitude face. 

Rub a Dub Dub ($90)

Meant for 5 people, the portion was good enough for 3 though. This looked like a green potion with a chunk of ice and a rubber duckie sat atop. Mild tasting, this was a silent killer. Once the novelty wore off, it was just a drink in what looks like a mini bath tub.

One dimensional drink without any complexity and less than desired service. I may have missed out the signature experience but it started off so well but declined way too quickly.

Bar food menu that was not too exciting.


The Library Bar
39 Campbell Lane

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