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Sora al Ponte @ San Polo, Venice

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Think Venice and I think a floating city. Perhaps the traveller tales and way the city has been positioned made this a must visit and must do in Milan. Just a train ride away, we were right smack at the steps of Venice - the main modes of moving around the city was definitely on foot or a gondola. These rides go for a song of 80 euros for 45 minutes or 60 euros for 30 minutes - the latter made us feel cheated at the end of the ride but in the wintry cold, less is more.

So then our gondola ride was nervewrecking for me -swaying from side to side threatening to throw us over but it could very well be my fear of unstable anything at work.

Trudging along the streets of Venice,  finding a restaurant was easy as ABC yet most were empty which was a daunting task.

The somewhat friendly exterior of this without anyone outside the restaurant hardselling was good enough for us. Free wifi made the lunch happier though spotting a fellow asian over the counter wasn't the happiest thing in a restaurant - we all wanted authentic food and having an asian cook our food could also mean it tasting like hometown.

A decently decorated restaurant.

Breadsticks to start the meal - the other popular alternative if bread is not provided.

Minestrone, tart and tangy enough for the one who lost his appetite.

Chicken with Fries

Chargrilled chicken chunk with a side of fries. It could be me that fries in Europe are particularly more yellow.

Pork chop with Fries

Nothing to scream about - the sauce was on the sour side. 

Seafood pasta that was decent.

Something homecooked with seafood as well.

Average joint with bearable food given how touristy the whole place is. I was already thankful I was not fleeced.

Sora al Ponte
San Polo, 1588

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.

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