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Savour 2014 - Chomped and Regurgitated

Special thanks to Merliza and Deborah for the invite! 

Savour 2014 is back with a vengeance to celebrate the delicious with a completely new venue and new stable of chefs. The place seems a lot smaller than the previous F1 Pit Building but a lot cooler. Eating in heat is one of the most trying things ever. 

The breezy crowd. 

Badoit was the main sparkling water sponsor and each ticket gets you a glass of sparkling water. Well, it is a good thirst quencher when all other beverages seem to go to the tune of $18 for Champagne or even $4 for mineral water at Jason’s. 

Harry's anyone?

With compliments from the Standchart booth. 

Yes, we caved into these bottled water eventually. 

If not, just head to Nespresso’s booth to check out their 4 special concoctions for the event. I slurped up 3 out of the 4 and was adequately hydrated for the rest of the journey!

Fruity creations up the bartender's sleeve.

Ethiopian Cocktail
Ethiopian Coffee

This citrusy cocktail was a clear ladies favourite and amongst the first to be sold out. 

Something's brewing. 

Tropical Mango Coffee
Grand Cru, Mango, Chocolate

Also a sweet number that was easy to drink.

Spiced Herbstmilch Coffee
Dulsao do Brasil Grand Cru

I enjoyed the mild spicyness in this fragrant number.

SAVOUR2014 exclusive offers. 

Getting all ready to spend our SAVOUR dollars! Do make use of their Standchart promotion to get additional $10 for every $100 dollars purchased!

Ezio Gritti
I'Osteria via Solata, Italy
1 Michelin Star

The Michelin Star experience in Italy was mindblowing and we were probably spoilt then and expected something similar to the ingenious works of Al Pont De Ferr from I'Osteria via Solata.

Three World
Cauliflower, Mango, Chicken

In essence two breaded balls and a fruit ball. The chicken ball was stiff and quite homecooked but the cauliflower cream was also forgettable. I wonder which three worlds Chef Gritti was trying to achieve though.

Christophe Paucod
Lugdunum Bouchon Lyonnais, Tokyo, Japan
1 Michelin Star

Tatin de Boudin Noir aux pommes
House made blood pork sausage with apples, Tatin’s tart style

I originally had my eye on the escargot pastry but caved into the blood sausage instead. This home made blood pork sausage was like pate with a myriad of ingredients comprising of chopped pig’s blood amongst the rest that created a lovely texture. So intestine lovers only need apply.

Henrik Yde
Kiin Kiin
Copenhagen, Denmark
1 Michelin Star

Chef Yde has been touted as one who does the “truly unexpected” and coming from Kiin Kiin is first Thai restaurant in the world to be awarded a Michelin star, I was really interested. Plus, a recent trip to Bangkok revealed an amazing culinary experience by a non-Thai chef also changed the impressions of thai chefs and thai cuisines (more on that in another entry!)

Frozen Red Curry with Prawn and Coriander Salad ($12)

I initially scoffed at the cold number, almost looking like gazpacho with a thicker consistency. The spiciness is pleasant that is simple yet complex at the same, and surprisingly, the coldness of the dish made this an appetizer not to be missed.

James Knappett
Bubbledogs, London, UK

Voted one of Britain's Most Influential Men by GQ Magazine, James Knappett is the new "it" chef in London with the hip Bubbledogs&, serving up gourmet hotdogs with grower Champagne. I had my eye on this even before going to Savour 2014, almost as a challenge to see if princely priced hotdogs could be as satisfying as IKEA’s dollar dogs – trust me, I have had ridiculously priced hotdogs that derived as much satisfaction as taking the lift instead of stairs. 

4th of July ($14)
Southern BBQ sauce, creamy coleslaw and bacon bits

Portions were reasonably huge for Savour’s food fest standards hence the queues and of course never ending ones that started once word got round on social media that this was a must try. The first bite was umami – the best hot dog I have eaten so far. The bacon bits were crunchy and mindblowing when paired with coleslaw. For the heck of it, please just eat with your hands. Getting my hands dirty for a good hotdog as I would for a burger is one of the most basic etiquette in my opinion.

I have never celebrated 4th of July but this one, is worth celebrating over.

Jose ($12)
Fresh tomato salsa, guacamole, sour cream and pickled jalepenos

The second was however lackluster. Granted the sausage was still juicy and ingredients overflowing but the euphoria and satisfaction enjoyed in the first bite was missing here. 

Mark Sargeant
Rocksalt, London, UK
Voted UK's Best Chef

Chef Mark has opened 2 successful restaurants on his own and his first ever project outside of UK, Oxwell & Co. here in Singapore. Located at Ann Siang Hill, this was a good opportunity to suss out his menu and decide if a visit to Oxwell is necessary. 


Oxwell Cured Scottish Salmon, Artisan Sourdough Bread & Capers

Artisan sourdough bread reads croutons by the way, a rather generous portion and decent tasting. 

32 Day Aged Roast Sirloin of Angus Beef in a Yorkshire Pudding with Horseradish & Watercress

This however was less outstanding though on menu it sounds like a must try. The angus beef was tough beyond measure and barely marinated and the Yorkshire pudding too airy but I enjoyed the horseradish and watercress.


This was a brilliant pairing with the items and proved to be an enjoyable swig.

All three items to a tune of $26 made this really worthwhile.

Riccardo Catarsi
&Sons, Singapore

I am pretty sure it was the portions of pasta that made me curious about this place. 

Salami Platter ($16)

4 types of cold cuts, decently delicious one. 

Linguine, Crab & Nduja (Small $10, Large $16)

On the oily side, this crabmeat packed pasta was hearty and a really delicious one. Grab both with the Standchart card for $28 instead of $32.

Jason’s Marketplace is scaled down this time round but was still quite a treat to walk around, sample and of course order some food to try! 

Absolutely moist cupcakes with a frosting too sweet, but hey who needs freshly baked cupcakes?

I wish they gave full cupcakes as samples - and I continue wishing and dreaming. These go for $9.95 for a packet of 6. 

The oyster corner was one that caught the eye with their boxes of aphrodisiacs ready to be shucked. I was most piqued for their platter of 6 at just $18 but these were sold out way before the closing time. 

Flavoured Oysters ($18)
Spicy Zinger, Hot Stock Pot, Ponzu, Sunset

A set of 4 soaking in flavoured broth. This is a first for me since I usually have them in alcoholic shooters. A platter not to be missed to taste oysters warm and enjoy the slippery blobs so fresh! 

Other sightings around the Promotory include Icrecream cookie carts and snack carts. 

A whole booth in my favourite colour - Kudos Veurve Cliquot. A glass goes for a song of $18. 

Prices are scaled down this year with notable clear favourites from the start – the queues at Bo Innovation never once ebbed and even when their signature Xiao Long Bao was sold out, the queues continued. Having been to all three instalments of Savour, I actually prefer last year’s chef list better though the prices at this year’s is friendlier.

Savour 2014 continues till tomorrow so grab your tickets while you can!

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