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Rheinfelder Bierhalle @ Niederdorfstrasse, Zurich

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I never quite expected our first meal in Zurich would be dedicated to German food. Like it or not, it seemed the most local friendly place in a row of Italian and Chinese restaurants.

Spells tourist trap with an English menu. But it was all too late. The matronly waitress frowned upon us when we wanted to share our meals and better still proceeded to mutter a string of things in German (most likely to humiliate us).

Homecooked broth that made winter bearable.

Liver that came with a stench so strong, I nearly gagged.

Beef with potato dumplings.

Spells homemade.

Looking very IKEA-ish.

Dry beef and rosti.

This place seriously leaves little to be desired after, which leaves me to question the number of people streaming in nonstop.

The exterior.

Perhaps considered cheap by Swiss standards but it certainly was not the case for us.

Rheinfelder Bierhalle
Niederdorfstrasse 76, 8001 Zürich

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