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Restaurant Week 2014: Edge Food Theatre @ Pan Pacific

I was misled to think that it was a buffet that I was paying for and not a 3 course meal – yes blame my assumptions sometimes. The buffet, however looks like a delicious deal. 

We started off with a warm bread basket, milk loaf and baguette was crusty and good enough to fill the hunger pangs. 

Smoked Salmon Caesar
Croutons, Anchovy, Bacon

A decent portion of salad without the usual grilled chicken and in replacement, we had smoked salmon.

Rice Noodle, Spicy Coconut Gravy, Tiger Prawn, Boiled Egg

It was clearly straight off the buffet live station, and arrived without the laksa leaves or the belachan. It looked barely properly dished even and the portion was pure misery. The taste was pretty spot on though with enough coconut milk and barely worth a second try even if I had it at the buffet. 

Vanilla Panna Cotta
Strawberries, Mixed Nut Tuile

The most decent course of the three with a silken smooth pudding.

$25++ for the above only screams rip off, not worth the while even though Edge: The Food Theatre has been lauded a must try for buffet.

Edge: The Food Theatre
Pan Pacific

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