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Rainbow Cake @ Jacqui & Co The Production House

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Rainbow cakes have been all the rage since I’m not sure when and how but my encounters with these colourful confectioneries have been far and few.

Jacqui and Co The Production House are considered pioneers in the rainbow cake industry and they are sold out every day which warrants the 5 day advanced notice period they require for all their rainbow cake orders. 

It came with a candle that supposedly ends off in a mini fireworks but nope, it barely let off a few sparks. I say the traditional candle is a better bet.

7" - $75 Serves up to 15 persons

My first tall birthday cake in 6 layers and in every colour that makes a rainbow and for once, every layer tasted different. It was not just food colouring but also a variety of fruity flavours that made it taste like fruit loops in a cake. I am not too huge on their frosting though, tasted much like shortening. The main grouse really is the cake’s texture – like a stiff sponge cake that only got stiffer as the days went by. By the 4th day it was deemed completely inedible because it was too rock hard. 

A fad it remains to me than a conscious cake choice to make the next time round.

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  1. I'm being pedantic here but there are only 6 layers. ;-)