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Pasarbella and Friends Go To Town @ Marina Bay Sands

Pasarbella and Friends Go To Town is the latest pop up concept in conjunction with iLights at Marina Bay Sands. Better than travel all the way to Turf City, this was the main selling point for me. 

Makeshift stalls. 

The tempting signs. 

Anyone up for grilled ribs? 

Making use of every inch of space for clever branding. 

Serenaded with a guitar, it felt like love was in the air. 

Keith’s Crackling Pork

Instagram has been flooded with raving reviews of this pork specialist. Queues seemed to justify this accolade as well and join the queue I did. 30 minutes went by and I finally made it to the start of the queue. 

Suspect number 1. 

Suspect number 2. 

Only 2 types of pork available: Honey Pork and Pork Cackling. Both can be bought in a combo for $15. The dips that came with it were plenty – mustard, chilli were just two of the few I tried to remember and there was a special chilli concoction on sale – for the daredevils it seemed but it ended up bearable as compared to the Sichuan spice that I have courageously undertaken recently.

The moment of truth was then, normal char siew and even more normal siew yoke. Credit given to the extra crunchy skin and that was just about it.

Sea Salt Carribean Deli

$14 for a portion of pulled pork sandwich and it went from bland to over the top salty. What is wrong with the crowds? Were the food options all mediocre that people all found joy in queueing?

Bonheur Patisserie

Colourful sugar pops. 

$3.50 per macaron and I was takenaback at how pricey they were. Double Chocolate and Rum and Raisin later, I figure they were a hit and a miss respectively.

This place is worth a visit to just walk through and perhaps grab a drink and get your nails done. Otherwise, save your visit for Turf City that has better food gems.

They are there will 30 March. 

Pasarbella and Friends Go To Town
Marina Bay Sands

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