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Mr Jones Orphanage @ Bangkok

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mr jones

Mr Jones' Orphanage, 

rules of entry

Rules at the door. 


A peek into the orphanage. 

Any visitor to Roast automatically pops by Mr Jone’s Orphanage for a sweet offering or two. This is modeled like a toy store, but in my opinion it felt somewhat creepy and abandoned with the hanging toys. So then the main draw of the whole store is the centerpiece at greets on the right, a table full of sweets for one to snap a picture, film a video or just stand and oogle at cakes piled with enough sugar to cause a food comatose. Every cake looked too pretty to eat and if I went by popularity, the m and ms chocolate cake and cupcakes were the most sought after.

trays of sweet

Teddy bears on a tray? Creepy as can be.  

horses on the ceiling

Care for a hanging horsey?

dessert table

Every sweet tooth's wonderland.

kitkat cake

The famous.

chocolate brownies


carrot cake

Crumbly carrot cake. 


Toys to remind of childhood.

red velvet

Red Velvet Cupcake

These were sitting too prettily by the window to ignore and a bunch of girls came by to buy up nearly all of them. And I followed suit. A dry red velvet cake over sweetened and stiff – I lost interest after one bite.

lemon cake

Lemon Meringue Cake

A lemon cake pumped with enough lemon zest and topped with a terribly sweet foamed meringue. The coarse cake was a dampener but still a notch better than the cupcake.


A single shot espresso to round the night up - I was eyeing the butter cookie that was too sweet. 


Their brunch offerings for those interested in something savoury to go with their sweet nothings.

People flock to the orphanage like bees to honey and I am baffled. What is the fuss about this place? There are tons better places than here and no, no more adopting of cakes from this place.

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.

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