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Jungfraujoch and more!

Visitors to Zurich or Lucerne are encouraged to pay Mount Jungfraujoch a visit. We were deciding between Mount Tiltis or this and we ended up picking this since they claim it's the world's longest trolley train ride. Be prepared to fork out 209 CHF for an experience like this though.

There are two options for the hungry, either pack food up the mountain or be fleeced. 

This was just a cafeteria - pretty much self service and prices were supposedly wallet friendly. Fact is, when trapped in a tourist attraction (much less on a mountain), it is a monopoly and hardly an oligopoly.

There are two sides to it - western and indian. It could be the onslaught of Indian tourists that made the operator decide to open an Indian stall but they were getting all the crowds with their eat-all-you-can buffet to the tune of 25 CHF. (If memory serves me right)

Gemusessupe (7 CHF)
Gipfeli (1.5 CHF)

Soup and bread for a dime and nickel - nothing too much of kitchen magic here.

Wienerschnitzel (20.80 CHF)

My overcooked and just decently fried fish and chips. Pedestrian tasting but I found amusement in their over yellowed chips.

Spaghetti Bolo (17.3 CHF)

Pasta on the mountains did not taste supremely better, adequate to fill the hunger and continents away from the Italian kitchen's menu.

Refusing to end a meal just like that, we caved into a dry piece of butter cake that goes by some other fancy swiss name.

 Curry rice tasted quite like paradise after nearly a week and a half of bread and pasta.

Prata albeit tasted like an instant fry up was really hearty with the curry.

More of the familiar. Spot the complimentary bar of swiss chocolate - like it or not, it was really good. All hail the swiss for such great chocolates.

After a mediocre meal, we were greeted by sights that made this trip more than worthwhile. The magnificence of the alps were beyond breath taking, bone chilling and mind blowing. You have to be there to experience it.

Whiter than snow.

The gusts of wind that came our way when we made it outside was unbearably cold - huge love and salute to the mountain climbers.

Never enough of snaps of this beauty. 

I wish I had a life sized snow globe like this!

The tour gave us adequate time to roam about and take as many pictures as my memory card can store. If anything most of the time was spent taking the trolley train and going in between stations. I was disappointed with one station - Ice Palace that was mostly shut because of some reconstruction work.

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.

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