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Fleur De Sel @ Tras Street

Fleur De Sel joins Gavroche Brasserie in providing more options for French Cuisine at Tras Street. Chef Alexandre Lozachmeur’s immense love for fine French cuisine and wine, and his years of experience accumulated from working in some of the best five-star establishments in the world, including the Spoon restaurants and Alain Ducasse Au Plaza Athénée, alongside world-acclaimed chef, Alain Ducasse. With such an illustrious career, I was looking forward to a gastronomical set lunch. 

Artisanal Bread served with butter and a side of seasalts – blackcurrent and rosemary. I found the bread a tad hard and difficult to chew but kudos to the restaurant for making this bread course somewhat different from the rest. 

A variety of salts.  

Worthy of seconds. 

Amusebouche that was gone too soon.

Le Foie Gras de Canard
Seared duck liver, Apple tatin, petite salade and duck jus vinaigrette

Goose or duck liver? I just like them wobbly in a quivering way, every bite releases a bout of oil and best of all, comprise of sweet and savoury all at once. 

Le Homard
Boston lobster bisque, lobster tartar with sour cream and croutons

The bisque was served in a sake bottle. A full bodied broth – tasty much!

Le Boeuf
Seared Beef tenderloin, mashed potatoes, grilled lettuce, olives, dried tomatoes and red wine sauce

Between beef and cod, I always pick the former. Two beef medallions cooked to medium doneness, the mash, tired looking lettuce and dried tomatoes were not too bad. 

Le Chocolat
Chocolate and Pralines layers, fleur de sel caramel, chocolate sauce and ice-cream

Chocolate cake meets chocolate icecream and I thought this pairing was lovely – kudos for not oversweetening them. One dessert that left us scraping the plate for more. 

Le Baba
Grand Marnier liquor baba, and vanilla bean whipped cream, served with chocolate sauce

I never had a good baba cake, neither did this work for me. The whole spongey airyfairy texture soaking in sweet syrup was a miss for me. For once, nothing that chocolate can do to save it. 

Tea in a nespresso cup. 

Cheese trolley up for grabs. 

Priced at $48++, it is considered steep but we were rather impressed with the appetizer and mains. A really small outfit with a strong following, perhaps if I have more time the next time round.

Fleur De Sel
64 Tras Street

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