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Christmas Markets @ Zurich

There were a number of Christmas Markets in Zurich as well and we were thankfully near them. This was a stone's throw away from the Bellevue Station.

What's hiding inside this carnival-ish set up?

A bunch of alcohol guzzling drinkers.

Spotted a store selling mulled wine!

Found the stall to purchase from - in the hands of Hot Wine with Cherry (5 EUR). This strangely proved to be the best we ever had, stomach warming and pleasant. 

Bottoms up!

Winter is always a good excuse for an extra glass of wine.



Candy apples - so carnivalish.

Candied nuts.

The stall that stood out like a sore thumb - one that sold thai food and spices.

 We were in luck, as there was another Christmas Market at the Main Train Station too.

Swarovski Christmas Tree taking center stage at this particular christmas market that had a total of 150 stalls.

Stare and gaze I did.

Festive baubles all over!

I spotted the same at IKEA, sounds like a major rip off in a city like Zurich.

Candy apples!

Carousels are a common sight - I should have just garnered enough courage to hop on one.

A very tempting yet terribly expensive truffle potatoes (8 CHF).

Mulled wine stall in sight!

I could not resist the 5 CHF cup, it was not that good though. A tad heavy on alcohol and less on the fruity tones.

More mulled wine around! These were the more popular stalls even under the shelter.

Not as good as the first cup of mulled wine tried at Bellevue, this was however a good tum warmer in winter. White or red wine, the former is less tart.

There was also room for a busker.

We found time for a tour out of Zurich and how thrilled I was to find yet another Christmas Market to browse!

Terribly small as compared to the bigger ones I have been to.

I usually head to the mulled wine stand first.

Mugs (1 CHF) came with the drink which we could keep or return for a refund of the amount paid. Almost as good as the first, this had a right balance of fruitiness and warmth.

Slightly cheaper prices than the main town.

This was the only market that bothered to have some related theme as part of the decor on the stalls!

Chinese takeaway in Switzerland for those who miss home. We definitely shyed away from them.

Who else loves Christmas Markets like I do?

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.

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