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Cheese Fondue Tram @ Zurich

Amongs the list of tram attractions that the Zurich Trams have for the festive period is one that I have been dying to participate in - a cheese fondue tram that I booked so way ahead that I nearly forgot about it.

There are a few food-related trams prowling the streets till end winter and though the website mentioned an apertif and sushi tram, I did not see one during my stay. I however spotted one christmas tram that came with father christmas and angels.

Our starting and destination stop were the same - Bellevue Stop. 

The interior of the cosy tram. Seats cannot be allocated but based on first come first served - and I find it strange that the seats are not catered for asians much less europeans. Be prepared for a cosy ride ahead. 

Drink menu.

Our tables were all laid with bread. Hard crusty things that we got used to by now.

I wonder if its just me thinking roses overseas are actually bigger and rosier.

Glasses that we filled with still and sparking water instead.

Each of us were given a bottle. 

The first encounter with mulled wine after tasting them at Brotzeit, this warm beverage was smooth on a palette and hardly tasted of alcohol and this glass kickstarted my obsession with mulled wine for the rest of our stay in Zurich.

While the tram trudged on, we actually went round the same route tens of times but because the windows got fogged up from the fondue pot heat we just did not pay too much attention.

Self service window pane cleaning in action. 

Stealing arty farty snaps.

Credit Suisse building all decked in rainbow colours. 

 Cold cut platter with a really delicious coleslaw.

Then another basket of bread cubes was placed on the table.

Pots of cheese fondue were dished out and it was time for a cheesy affair - by dipping the bread cubes into the molten cheese and the rest is a burpworthy experience. I love my cheeses to death - brie, camembert, buffalo and blue even. Eaten in small quantities, I call it relish but with a pot so huge, it was cheese by death nearly. It got mundane towards the middle and a tad filling because it was just rounds and rounds of cheese bread. Some meat would have broken the monotony a little.

The good thing about the cheese fondue is, the cheese remains molten for a fair amount of time instead of burning the tongue and throat attempting to eat it while molten.

Spicing our cheese pot up.

Forgive me for this unglamourous shot of the burnt ends of the cheese at the bottom of the pot - seasoned cheese fondue tram travellers say this is the best and I concur wholeheartedly. A thickened cheese layer that packed a bite.

Pineapples to complete the meal.

Coffee and Tea were part of the menu.

I kid you not when the bill was presented, all of us did a double take and nearly fell off our chairs - 6 CHF per bottle of water.

A peek of the tram from outside.

So long, Cheese Fondue Tram! It was worth the touristy hype and experience while it lasted.

Tickets priced at 93 CHF each can be purchased online:

Runs from October to March so hurry now!

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