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Toby's Estate @ Rodyk Street

Toby's Estate belongs to the pioneer batch of coffee-brunch places that garnered enough attention back then and with the stiff competition these days, still continues to draw a faithful following.

Two visits it took for me to even start writing this entry. 


I love watching barristas at work - the whole jarring sounds of clanging cups and coughing coffee machines - ah, the symphony of a cafe.


The hustle and bustle that never ends.


Number tags to wait upon our order.


Coffee blends to take home.


Branded bottles by Toby's Estate.


The special brew came in a jug and was an acidic one.

Piccolo Latte ($4)

Decent enough a caffeine kick to start the morning.

Mocha Chai ($6) 

The chai taste was an overkill in this mocha.

Apple Ginger Juice ($5.50) 

This was more a ginger than apple drink.

Toby's French Toast ($14.50) 
Brioche, espresso maple bacon, caramelize banana, cashew, cocoa nibs 

I can never tell a heavenly french toast from an ordinary one but the main focus of this is the espresso maple bacon that tasted just like our festive favourite - bak kwa with a lovely espresso fragrance.

Toby's Breakfast ($18.50) 
Barn laid eggs, espresso maple bacon, half tomato, sauteed mixed mushrooms, brioche toast 

Crowned "crowd's favourite", this had everything on a plate.

Eggs Benedict ($16.50) 
Poached barn laid eggs, prosciutto ham, brioche, classic hollandaise sauce 

Over cooked poached egg which was a major no-no despite the really outstanding hollandaise sauce.

Morrocan Baked Eggs ($18.50) 
Spiced chilli con carne (beef), kidney beans, chorizo sausage, mushroom, espresso maple bacon, sour dough 

This was pretty much like Toby's Breakfast set with spiced chilli con carne and kidney beans. A hearty stew that was a tad heavy on MSG.

Toby's did not disappoint but it was not spectacular enough for a return so soon.

Toby's Estate
Rodyk Street

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