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The Travelling C.O.W. @ Gillman Village

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I confess that I checked out U Factory mainly for  Rakusaba, a temporary brainchild of Chef Jeremy Nguee of Prepazzi Gourmet. Premium priced laksa ($22) done tsukene style was the main draw and imagine the horror of horrors when the last two bowls were sold before our very eyes! Yes, it was a heart breaking moment.

26 January was the last day of operations for this pop up concept - dang, dang, dang! And I chose to go on the second last day, not reserve my bowl of laksa and lived to regret. A word with Chef Jeremy revealed that the only way to get my hands on a bowl is to either wait (forever) for their next popup appearance or to hire him for a private party of 20 to the tune of $1600. A 5 course menu awaits - with laksa on it! Now, I need to find 19 other folks to share the cost and joy.

Missed it!

The other alternative was The Travelling Chef On Wheels (C.O.W.) ramen burgers. The fuss and buzz surrounded these burgers whose bread buns were brilliantly replaced by noodle buns.

Out of 4 flavours, we had a go at the other 3 that was not sold out (at point of purchase).

Arriving in burger parcels like that.

Beef Bulgolgi ($8.50)

Their best seller, this was pretty much like a beef bowl with fried yee mian as a bun. Korean, where?

Spicy Chicken ($8.50)

Spicy enough but the same question lingered - what is the fuss? I could get the equivalent at a korean restaurant with a whole range of banchan and rice even, oh yes - seaweed soup and roasted barley tea.  Doesn't that already sound like a better deal?

Teriyaki Chicken ($8)

An equivalent would be the MOS Burger Teriyaki Chicken, nothing to shout about.

Fact is, it is just fried noodle on the ingredients that would become soggy and then end up being just like a noodle dish in a wrapper. Chinese takeaway anyone? Do not attempt to be dainty with this messy number because noodles were never meant for chomping, they are meant for slurping.

Popoganda's popsicles are also on sale together with a range of beers and ciders that nearly every other table had.

I went for laksa and ramen burgers but only had one craving satisfied. Somewhat disappointed that the servings available was by no means possible to feed the numbers coming in during their official opening hours "until 10pm on weekends".

Until the next pop up store, adios!

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