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The Humble Loaf Revisited @ Katong Shopping Center

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On a whim we decided to pay THL a visit and luckily or not, they had a new menu up. The place was expectedly crowded but we did not have to wait too long, thankfully.

Squeezed to order Lemonade ($4.50)

Lemonade made from scratch, this was a refreshing start to the day.

Corned Beef ($9)
Sundried Tomato Slaw, Vinaigrette

I was expecting a canned form of corned beef but this was a pleasant surprise. Cured slices of beef with an uber delicious tomato slaw! Hands and pants down for this hearty sandwich.

Chorizo Iberico ($9.50)
Gruyere, Balsamic Mayo

Chorizo Sausage gave this crusty number some spice, paired with their cool marinated cucumbers - one word: yummy. 

Roasted Vegetables ($8.50)
Lemon hummus, Djon mustard

For whatever reason, the colours of the sandwich were too pretty to ignore. Plus the variety of vegetables piled on - I would be that carnivore to give up on meat just for this. 

Sea-ly Eggs ($7.50)
Smoked salmon, marinated seaweed

Sea-ly eggs, or seaweed eggs I call this. Just like a bimbimbap tossed together, all the elements come together like a perfect match - savoury with a tinge of sweet. Here's an eggylicious start to an obsession with half boiled eggs.

I always wish for more stomach space at THL...and I hope they sort out their supplier issues and get that crab toast on this menu soon!

Sitting by the counter was intriguing...watching them cook was inspiring (maybe nudge me a little to attempt these gourmet sandies at home!) but more importantly, they bothered enough to bamter inspite of the kitchen madness.

Once again, an excellent effort by THL, keep up the fabulosity! 

The Humble Loaf
Katong Shopping Center

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