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Pastamadre @ Via Bernardino Corio, Milan

The original intent was to patronise another restaurant down the road but it closed, unfortunately. The main downside of googlemaps is the updates are not live. Nonetheless we chanced upon this chichi cafe packed with locals - a great sign to start.They were completely full the first day and the second, we had to wait for at least 15 minutes.

There are two guys manning the restaurant and there was only one who could speak fluent english - and struggled all he did but he tried to ensure we understood whatever bit of english he could manage. 

Warm toasty bread dished up to feed the hunger before the food arrived.

Just vacationing in Europe could get me spoiled with sparkling water.

And when we finally found seats in a mass of people, we were shown a table so cramped it was cardinal sin taking more space than necessary. 

Clam pasta

Oodles of joy, I particularly loved the density of the noodle. One very hearty dish.

Another creamy delight with veal and handmade pasta.

Gamberi rossi in saor di rababaro al limone (13 EUR)

Breaded and deepfried, this light number was an appetizing start.

Cod pasta done in carbonara style, I thought this slightly fishy and a tad too creamy. Nonetheless, I still loved the density of the pasta.

Steak with potatoes stacked up quite nicely and had to be one of the dishes that was better executed.

To round the meal off, always a reason for sweets. The other coveted desserts were swept off the shelves way too early so we were left with mille feuille, a flaky pastry plumped with custard.

Overall a homey place with hearty food, hits and misses but affordable Italian fare. Pasta dishes start from 9.50 EUR and mains 12.50 EUR.

Via Bernardino Corio 8, Milan

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