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Nassim Hill Bakery @ Nassim Road

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Someone should just say this is located at the old Post Office Building - and there are limited parking lots available if not just be as silly as us to pay the $3 for entry. We arrived early enough to occupy the second table in the restaurant.

Freshly baked cookies!

More fresh bakes.

A mental note to grab some of these the next visit!

Too early for champagne?


Caffe Mocha ($7)
Cappuccino ($6)

Pretty decent coffee.

Granola Chic ($11)
yogurt, honey, nuts, dried figs

Home made granola always gets me tempted but I usually floor at their prices. I could whip up the equivalent with store bought greek yogurt and granolas - and then I was wrong. I loved every bite of this home made number, and yes, greek yogurt is the way to go henceforth. No more artificially flavoured ones.

Cheese Cut Platter ($25)

A selection of their freshly baked breads, cheeses and hams.

If you are a fan of bread, this is a must order! Th selection of fresh bakes was an adequate spread of savoury and sweet.

Steak and Eggs ($22)

This has to be one of the rare times I have steak for breakfast and this was a hearty right choice.

Medium cooked and spilling with juice, the free range eggs tasted different too - one mighty organic breakfast.

Wholemeal Belgian Waffle ($18)
Beerbeiser sausage

This probably takes the cake for all organic. I am not a fan of its limp yet dense texture but hte beerbeiser sausage was delicious!

One underrated brunch place that deserves more mention - a really chic place to be at to unwind sans the crazy crowds at other parts of Orchard.

Nassim Hill Bakery
Nassim Road

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  1. Very nice post! Because of this, Im going to visit the place tomorrow. I don't see the Steak and Eggs on the menu on their website. Is this a new offering? I'm inclined to order this :)

    1. @anon: :) thanks for reading...hmm, it was on the menu when I went last month, maybe the online menu isnt updated..let me know if they removed it cos I want to return for it!