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L'Osteri @ via Vincenzo Monti, Milan

We chanced upon this whilst hunting down another now defunct eatery, just as well since the crowds was a good enough indication of its success. Queue we did for at least 30 minutes before granted entry.

Some festive touches...and I miss Christmas already.

By the time I managed a shot like this it was almost 3pm. The Italians do have an appetite for long lunches. We were all squeezed in a corner so tight, I wonder what would happen if someone farted.

Crusty bread to the rescue, I'm not so sure if these are on the house or we were charged for it (Cover charge of 0.5 EUR each). Be thankful for complimentary bread back home!

Lovely ingenious touches.

Still water in such pretty bottles.

Hearty asparagus soup with croutons (7.50 EUR), loved the creaminess of it.

Pear risotto (7.5 EUR) that originally raised some eyebrows on the pairing but the sweetness of the pear made this dish simply delicious. An interesting sweet take on an otherwise savoury dish.

Pasta Pranzo (7.5 EUR)

A saucy delight with penne done al dente.

An oral delight with a ham and potato cake (7.5 EUR) baked till the edges are slightly burnt.

Adored the cream sauce and how unpretentious this was - ham and potatoes, mainly.

Otherwise known as the white lasagne (7.5 EUR), which I soon realised was a vegetarian lasagne with eggplant. It left little to be desired after, rather bland and boring.

A chicken stir fry (9 EUR) that ended up more oriental than western.

Feeling absolutely greedy, we had a go at their desserts. It barely wobbled with the spoon stabbed into the dessert. Too much gelatine made this stiff and the sauce was too much for the dessert.

Italian coffee (1 EUR) to round the meal up.

The crowds were perhaps just an indication of the number of hungry people in the vicinity more than the quality of food they were offering. A lackluster effort infact.

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