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La Cuisson @ Prinsep Street

Special thanks to Jean and Chef Kenneth for the invite!

Previously from Holland Village and subsequently at Queen's Street, they have finally found a place to call home at Prinsep Street, replacing Creperie des Arts (a place I never had time for but wanted to check out). 

Daily specials.

Menu for the night.

Wine is always welcomed to unwind.

How about some red too?

Looking like christmas, but it wasn't.

Bread to start with, pity these are not baked in house.

Charcuterie Platter
Chorizo, saucisson and a selection of homemade terrines
An appetizing start to the meal with a selection of cold cuts and terrines. I enjoyed the buttery foie gras terrine best. 

Langue De Boeuf  (Ox Tongue Salad) ($16)
Sous-vide ox tongue, Kipfler potatoes, mustard tarragon dressing, mesclun salad, shaved onions
Tongues are a tricky business, I've had ox tongues that are incredibly tender and those that have a bite. This fell in the latter category, and the one item that stood out was surprisingly the kipfler potatoes.  

Chef Kenneth chooses to use the sous vide method to cook most of his meats as it is only a two-men team in the kitchen (including him!) and the thermo-circuator helps with the consistency and the preparation work.

Homemade Duck Rillette
Another of those great accompaniments with bread.  

Pork Pot Au Feu ($29)
Sous-vide pork shoulder, pork sausage, puy lentils, mixed  vegetables  in an aromatic pork jus
This casserole is perfect for sharing with various meats displayed. I would have preferred for it to be piping hot than warm.  

Lamb Duo ($68)
Braised lamb shank, pan-seared lamb rump, Kipfler potato gratin, garden salad
The rump takes center stage for this dish, being incredibly tender.

Worth seconds!

Shoulder Tender (200grams) ($28)
200day Grain Fed Australian Angus.Served with mashed potatoes, confit shallots, roasted parsnip and garlic
Served sliced with the desired pink but it could be the cut that we veered towards the lamb more than beef. 

Dark Chocolate Ganache ($13)
Valrhona chocolate, white chocolate sesame crisp, chilli pistachio brittle, pomelo pieces and earl grey pudding

Lots of things going on in this sweet finish, I particularly enjoyed the white chocolate sesame crisp adn smooth valrhona chocolate.  

Poached Pear ($10)
Poached pear served with vanilla ice cream and beetroot puree
A very simple pear dish that was both easy to eat and doubles up as a thirst quencher. 
Chef Kenneth does accede to requests of a personalised degustation menu - a privilege given to regulars to fans of him, find your way into his loyal fanbase for more of his creations! Otherwise, the rest of us can just enjoy his creations straight off the menu. 
La Cuisson
77 Prinsep Street

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