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Jenkyll & Hyde @ Tras Street

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Jenkyll and Hyde, opened by the owners of Manicurious, is one of the few new kids on the block of Tras Street. Tough competition I should think, especially when bars are one too many and finding a niche is tremendously tough. Word has it that bartenders from Bar Stories now create magic here so fans, do rejoice.

Meet their library of spirits.

7 deadly sins is on till March, a collection of their 7 best selling drinks for the last quarter of 2013. 

The Step Mother, or so muses the bartender though I rather term them as mahmee crackers. Too addictive and the huge bowl was just enough for us professional nibblers.

Mr Bean ($23)
Tau huay, vodka, butterscotch liqueur, frangelico, kaya

Unapologetically in love with the drinkware first, before the drink proper. Meet Mr Bean, a concoction inspired by Laoban Soya Bean Curd and mixed with kaya - nothing but huge love for this easy number!

Mangosteen Martini ($23)
Mangosteens, elderflower liqueur and gin

Mangosteen Martini, a more wicked spin on the usual lychee-chocolate-or even apple. 

The Strawberry Manhatten ($25)
 French strawberry liqueur, rye whiskey

I never got the fuss about whiskey based cocktails, and not this time either. Rye whiskey is dry and smelt like antiseptic. Only whiskey fans need apply.

They ran out of French Durian for the weekend and the bartender kindly whisked out an equivalent icecream based cocktail for me - buttercup? Tasted much like milkshake with a dash of alcohol and anything with pocky is too cute to resist.

Ume Watermelon ($23)
Japanese ume consisting of 7 fruits and carrot, passionfruit, watermelon

To round it up, a fruity number with salted watermelon balls to accompany.

Bubble me happy.

It is a pity they do not serve a bar menu but their drinks are decent - mostly single dimensional in taste rather than an expected complexity with so much effort plonked into creating an illusion of strangeness.

Jenkyll and Hyde
Tras Street

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