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De Cooking House - A SCAM

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The main purpose of writing this particular post is because our purchased voucher item never made it to the table is because the suppliers played out on us - and I need to inform all other potential buyers (they have been selling this voucher since a couple of years back)

First up, promoting it like crazy on platforms like ilovedeals, Groupon and the rest and the supposed endorsement by S.H.E. (maybe just a mere visitation at their supposed stall) were all delusional we realised. 

Email reservation were required to "reserve" our kueh lapis and I did so 2 weeks ahead which was met with a prompt response.

On the day itself, the voucher stated the place was open for collection from 9am and when we arrived at 930am it was not open. Upon calls, the person over the phone claimed he was running late and requested we gave him till 10am.

1015am arrived and he came with a lady in tow with a trolley full of goodies - but the truth was then revealed, he did not have any to sell and he claimed the supplier had failed him and there was "no way he could inform 500 customers" (checks with the website stated just 50 vouchers sold). So no communication was attempted, none of us got our kueh lapis and now, I'm waiting for the voucher merchant to "revert in 5-7 business working days".

Wish me luck.

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