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Brek Bar Ristorante @ Rio Terrà Lista di Spagna, Venice

Breakfast in Venice is a simple affair - most people were scurrying through the streets.

A sign like that stopped us in our tracks - 1 euro breakfast, possibly the cheapest ever anywhere. The odd thing is I was refrained from taking any photos in the shop when it featured the same promotion.

Before I faced a shaking finger, the paninis were tempting me much!

Salad with a side of salami set us back by 10 EUR at least, not the cheapest eats for breakfast.

Fully banking in on the 1 EUR offer, potent coffee and a cornetto that was suffice for three huge bites.

A decent place to take shelter from the cold and expect no frills service.

Brek Bar Ristorante
Rio Terrà Lista di Spagna, 30121 Venice

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