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Al Pont De Ferr @ Ripa di Porta Ticinese, Milan

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One of the easiest ways to decide which Michelin starred restaurant to go is how accessible it is and Al Pont De Ferr was a stone's throw away from the metro station, just across a bridge in a rather happening neighbourhood. And as with all other Italian dining establishments, they only swing open their doors on the dot - not any lesser.

Coats and scarves taken, we were seated in their small restaurant.

Bread basket with notable mentions - there was nothing I disliked, infact I loved everything on the platter. Mini butter croissants were the bomb.

Amuse bouche! Varying textures and flavours greeted me as we were taught to eat in a particular order.

I probably forgot what each were but this fritter encasing a mousse-like filling was mind blowing.

Tradition Menu (60 EUR)

Raw amberjack's mosaic, foie-gras, pink grapefruit and macadamia nuts

Too beautiful to even start eating.

The candied version of the red onion from Tropea filled with fresh goat cheese

This looked like a blown glass on a blown glass - the artistry was quite amazing. Cracking open the sweet shell reveals an impeccably executed goat cheese combination.

This could have garnered a standing ovation on its own.

Tortelli of pumpkin, butter and sage

Nailed perfection with this vegetarian dumpling though it was on the sweet side.

Peppered with freshly grated parmesan cheese.

Pluma of iberian pork, burrata cheese and sea urchin sauce

Instead of the original, Cioccolate sigar, a scent of Montecristo and rhum icecream, it was replaced with an equivalent of pacman game. Loved the novelty.

Water (70 EUR)

Panzanella of lobster

Granted that seafood is always fresh in cities near the seas and it was one of those moments that made us still go wow in unison. Sweet and fresh, to sum this beauty up.

Octopus, potatoes and chorizo

The ingredients were stuffed into a membrane that was so delicate, a mere prod could tear it. Beautifully made and the flavours caused quite an oral combustion. 

Gone too fast.

Our "Pasta with Clams"

Dumpling like raviolis.

Games of fish soup 2

Another shot of this lightbox with fish filets. 

Black cod-red passion

Too brilliant a presentation that got us fooled into thinking it was a tomato. Hit the top marks for flavour and execution here.

Sweet Mussels

Mussels created out of chocolate with cream and foam as decorations. Nothing too spectacular though I thought it a smart way to present this dish.

Fire (70 EUR)

Sushi meat

Deconstructed sushi that was both pretty to look at and eat.

Veal's sweetbread "cacio e pepe"

Tender veal in savoury foam.

Pasta- beans - foie gras

A squiggly kind of chewy pasta with a rich foie gras cream sauce. Decadence is its name and worth every mouthful.

Grilled lamb fillet served with "green salad"

For once, a lamb that died for a worthy cause.

Pigeon of autumn
chestnuts, hazelnut and "fake truffle"

The ingenious use of shaved walnuts for truffle, right down to fragrance, it matched perfectly. 

Contradictions of terra del fuoco

Served a garden of colours and textures that were confusing. Mush-like sponge cake with a myriad of petals and meringue like things.

The icecream came in a snowball.

I spy chocolate.

But no, the merrymaking did not continue and I was disappointed with dessert.

Petit fours of liquorice pebbles.

Moscato aromtizzato Bomne (9 EUR)

A sweet one to pair with my meal - perfect choice. And the price! Where else can I find such cheaply priced wine, in a michelin starred restaurant any less?

An endearing experience with a handwritten bill too!

It was a mindblowing meal - no doubt about that but it had to fail in the dessert course which was a huge disappointment. Al Pont De Ferr did not need alot to impress, simple Madeline could have done the trick even.

Al Pont De Ferr 
Ripa di Porta Ticinese, 55, 20143 Milano

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