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A MA-vellous selection this CNY!

Belated greetings to all my readers - with all the horsey jokes floating around the internet, I shall not frustrate anymore poor soul with them but to a prosperous and blessed new year - GONG HEI FATT CHOY!!!

We made a conscious effort to keep the goodie selection at home manageable - getting married during CNY is no joke - not even 2 hour Zumba sessions can help.

De Cooking House
Kueh Lapis

Read about it here.

Yah Weh
Arrowhead Chips ($16.80, 2 bottles)

Gotten from a Groupon deal, this was thankfully a success. I've never eaten arrowhead chips before but all I knew about it was the fuss about it every other chinese new year. Coming from a plant that looks similar to water chestnuts is usually sold out before CNY proper. Hand sliced, there are a number of places selling it at fairs and even hawker centers.

The oil taste is unmistakenable but the aftertaste of it made it a cross between tapioca chips and potato chips. One thing though, it is terribly addictive.

True Blue Cuisine
Loveletters ($37+)

A close friend has been a hardcore fan of True Blue for years and has been nudging me to try them. Nestled near Peranakan Museum, their loveletters are usually sold out way ahead of CNY even with a hefty price tag of nearly $40 a tin. Even the lady over the phone was unable to give an estimate on the number of rolls each tin stored.

What is the difference between a $5 tin and a $40 tin? Service aside, I get served by a waiter in ah-mah clothings complete with a pig tail and my receipt comes neatly tucked in a sleeve. Oh yes, I was given a set of three ang pow packets too. The premium experience.

Crisp and flaky, these like all loveletters disintegrate too fast and are delicately made. Point is, the lingering fragrance is unbeatable and probably sets them apart from the rest.

And will I buy them again? Maybe.

Home's Favourite

Champagne Cookies

I could taste champagne in these sweet numbers but as the days went by, they were just raisin cookies.

Crispy Chicken Floss Cookies

Savoury cookies that are terribly addictive, undoubtedly a hotseller this year as well. 

Fortune Cookies

I don't know about you but Fortune Cookies are so hard to find! Only available during cny and a handful of places, I have been tracking these down for ages. 

These were first priced at $4.80 and subsequently repriced at $2.95 at NTUC. For whatever reasons, it was joy to me and I had to buy another packet to hedge the price. Fragrantly crunchy with a added touch of fun with strips of paper telling ones luck. 

Kim Peng Hiang

Priced at $38 per kilo when my mom painstakingly queued for them, I have no doubt they went up to a rocket high of at least $50 before CNY. Their pineapple bak kwa is still a personal favourite and consistently good too!

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