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Za-Za Trattoria @ Piazza del Mercato Centrale, Florence

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Za-Za was one of the two places recommended by the hotel and this was located away from the main square where activity was buzzing. Located next to each other, we were apprehensive which one to pick and the fiesty waitress insisted they were the same though subsequent scrutiny revealed that the menu and prices were slightly different.

Colourful menu.

Restaurant branded glasses. We soon realised that the restaurant was a brand in itself - cookbooks could be purchased.

Cold stiff bread seems to be rather universal.

Pasta Bolognese Style (8 EUR)

Sauce was on the watery side but flavour decent.

Spaghetti Gamberi (13 EUR)

Store bought pasta without the familiar density that Rome has educated me with, the flavours were nice but that was just about it.

Grilled Beef Za Za Style (16 EUR)

Delicious beef with mustard and greens, we probably should have gone for their meat dishes instead. 

This reataurant is not off the beaten track but still filled with tourists. We found a table of fellow singaporeans in the same place and when that happens, it felt like home. If anything, I was piqued by the T-Bone that the other table ordered - in gore and blood, I looked forward to our Florence steak experience.

Za-Za Trattoria
Piazza del Mercato Centrale, 26, 50123

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