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The Humble Loaf Revisited @ Katong Shopping Center

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The Humble Loaf had an exclusive Christmas menu and we decided to drop by to check them out. Hopefully they reprise the popular ones this christmas! This was probably 2013's best kept secret and discovered gem for the return in a span of two weeks.

The freshly baked corner that always tempts. Guess which one we caved in to?

Table greens to match this festive season - why no mistletoe?

Christmas edition latte topped with roasted marshmellows. 

Smoked Salmon Salad ($11.50)

How strange is it to have things tossed together and coming out so fine - beats me but this rocked for us.

THL Christmas Bruschetta ($8)

With such brilliant colours put together, it was hard to resist visually. Adored the avocado spread and peppers that made this crunchy, juicy and savoury.

Charcuterie Platter ($13, single)

The side of pickles gave this the vroom in vava-vroom. White it did seem shoddily sliced and plated but nothing can quite go wrong with ham, right?

Oven Braised Short Rib ($13.50)

Whole and hearty in a stew!

Panettone ($4.50)

Stuffed with enough nuts and dates to make it taste just like a date dessert - acquired one!

Apple and Cinnamon Scone ($3.50)

A scone to wrap things up - crumbly and warm with a caramel drizzle. Loved the moist texture of the scone.

It was yet another lovely brunch out at The Humble Loaf - I certainly hope they stay humble and look forward to their next seasonal feast. If all else fails, their regular menu also packs a mighty punch.

The Humble Loaf
Katong Shopping Center

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