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Switch by Timbre @ NTUC Income

Call me outdated but I have put off visiting Switch by Timbre so many times, I almost gave up trying to go there. Until one fine and dandy random day.

Hoegardens to complete the picture and of course, happy hour.

Sakura ($16)

Paint my sakura dream pink with lychees and a dash of vodka. Through and through a girl's drink.

Mojito ($16)

Mojito is still as universally acquired as ever, I found it too grassy despite the shaved ice.

A Timbre specialty, this frozen kirin beer comes in a number of fruity flavours and we had a go at the mango. While we all laughed at the frozen swirl above, I thought this was just fruit beer with frosting.

Trio Combination Flavoured Top Shell ($12)

Never can go wrong with canned topshell and sesame seeds, the must have with drinks.

Half and Half Pizza ($21)

Timbre's famous pizzas on the roll - smoked duck and hawaiian. The former a signature of Timbre and perhaps the onslaught of better pizza places made this oh-so-ordinary-and-sweet. The teriyaki sauce was not that complementary after all - in short, bread with a pile of ingredients and they term it pizza.

XO Sauce Seafood Pasta ($25)

This was a major tease. I usually think twice about ordering pasta at a pub because they usually disappoint. If anything we were all caught by surprise how well the chef nailed this spicy number - hae bee definitely made the difference with the richness of flavour and chilli that worked a storm in the dish. Angel hair pasta, I will be back for more!

Timbre Chicken Wings ($12)

Ordinary pub staples.

Fried White Bait ($8)

Crispy knick knacks.

Louisana Fries ($8)

Herb dusted fries to end of this gluttony. I always wonder why do fries go so well with drinks?

For that proposal we witnessed that day, congratulations to the couple! I ticked off an item from my bucket list - so hooray!

This place is crazy crowded through the week and credit has to be given to their bands for keeping the atmosphere up. I could have just passed the phase for noisy pubs, I would anytime prefer to chill at a hotel lounge.

Switch by Timbre
NTUC Income Building

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