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Space Outlet & The Mall @ Florence

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Florence and Prada warehouse go hand in hand. Stories of dashing from the station to the one and only cab to get to the outlet made me think hard about getting a driver.

They officially open at 1030am and I was there at 1015am.

Only to be greeted by a beeline like this. First, take a queue number from the machine that corresponds to your purchases later.

The 15 minutes in the cold was teeth gnashing and uncomfortable - the smarter parents took shelter at the cafe before joining us at opening hour. Fact is, the myths about china tourists dashing in to grab stocks may be true in summer, spring and autumn but in winter, the queues are non existent and stock levels rather healthy.

The collection is definitely past seasons' - as to how many seasons ago, I have no idea. Prices are heavily discounted and last pieces with minor defects are further discounted. A gauge of how affordable Miumiu is - 40 euros for the last pair of past season's shades.

After all that shopping, the nearest cafe would be the one right at the entrance that boasts of pastries and coffee - nothing too fancy.

A peek of their offerings.

Limited menu.

We proceeded to The Mall for more shopping. There are a number of shuttles that head there for a fee and usually provide two way. There is a Global Blue Customs office that helps with tax refunds and best part, officers that are multi lingual!

Brands stocked at The Mall are wider than Space Outlet for sure - notable ones worth visiting are Gucci, Prada (The stock levels here are the same as Space Outlet and so are prices), Bottega and even Ferragamo.

The only food and beverage place within The Mall that monopolises the business and of course prices. Eat or starve, pretty much. 

The pizza section that welcomed us, felt quite like a school cafeteria.

Free to season the salad corner.

Salad to detox while the rest indulged in pizzas.


Vegetarian pizza with artichokes.

More of the greens.

Ham and cheese, a flavour that is universally accepted.

The pizza was quite delicious actually, more like American sized and taste than Italian. Priced rather affordably at 5 EUR a slice and salads at 8.5 EUR - this proved to be a quick and fast way to silence the hunger pangs and proceed with more shopping!

Mario can be contacted at for day trips - a relatively chatty Italian driver who got us promptly back to Florence. As a gauge, we paid him 220 EUR for 6 hours of transfers.

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.


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