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Ristorante Del Giglio @ Via Torino, Rome

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This was a stone's throw away from the hotel and Tripadvisor gave a decent rating.

Loved the festive touches of the restaurant though the interior was hardly as welcoming.

The interior which spelt aged, somehow.

There was a corner of greens, mostly untouched though the buffalo cheese was inviting.

And a dessert counter that was adequate. 

Roses on the table set the ambiance for romantic. 

Bread (6 EUR)

Sparkling Water (3 EUR)

It's become a staple to order drinks for meals and then we find varying bottled volumes at different prices too.

Ravioli Capriccio (12 EUR)
Ham, mushrooms, tomato

Rigat Matrician (12 EUR)
Bacon, tomato, spicy ewes cheese sauce

 Both were uninspiring pasta dishes and left us dumbfounded to the quality of pasta.

Pollo Arrosto (12 EUR)

Half a chicken that was undressed - without any side dish. Ordinary at the best. 

Tonnarelli Iris (14 EUR)
clams, prawns, rocket

Tasted like yee mian with its texture, almost Asian even. This did not work for me at all - takes the cake for nearly the worst pasta eaten in Italy. Call it anything but pasta seriously.

One disappointing meal that could have been avoided if we paid more attention to the signs - few diners and too many waiters.

Ristorante Del Giglio
Via Torino, 137

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