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Providore @ Mandarin Gallery

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I first noticed Providore because of its rainbow cakes and believe me, till now I have yet to attempt a single slice of rainbow cake - not that the colours would taste different. Ah, the whimsical fancies of the female.

Lined up.

Latte that was made different because of that icecream stick worth of cocoa powder - theatrics that work.

Salad for the greens seeker. Ordinary much. 

Meatballs ($16.50)
Serranno Ham, Puttanesca Sauce

Meatballs presented in a manner that made them larger than life.The wait for this was as long as the other mains though the server claimed otherwise.

I have to say these had me at hello - juicy meatballs slathered in a delectable tomato sauce.

Lemon Sliced Cake ($6)

I fall prey to all things lemony and even with frosting, I would gladly wolf it down.While the sponge was decent, the frosting was too sweet and greasy.

Strawberry Chocolate Chip ($6.90)

The joke goes, I could have just popped downstairs to the icecream man and gotten two cookies from Famous Amos at cineleisure to replicate this dessert at less than half the price.

I'm not sure if I will return anytime soon, too mediocre.

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