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PappaRich @ Suntec City

Special thanks to Natasha, Charmaine and the lovely team at PappaRich!

I have to admit I got confused in this whole Malaysian food quest - Madam Kwan's and Grandma's, PapaSan and PappaRich and the list looks set to expand. Papparich Group was established in 2005 with its 1st outlet in Selayang Mall. Today PappaRich has grown extensively and with a total of 66 outlets nationwide and continuously growing rapidly in other countries.

Here's a tour of their interior!

Cosy corners. 

I am a fan of these buttons - press for service rather than flail my hands so unglamorously to catch a waiter's attention.

PappaRich offers dishes from across various cuisines - a right mix of western and asian dishes for every diner.

Longan Milk Honey (Iced) ($4.90)

A refreshing beverage to kickstart the meal, mildly sweet and milky.

Soya Milk Cendol (Iced) ($4.90)

It's the dessert in beverage form, a healthier version with soy milk blended to bring all the ingredients together quite beautifully - a milky concoction of red beans, green jelly and corn.

Coffee O (Iced) ($3.20)

A premium priced kopitiam coffee.

Stevia White Coffee (Iced) ($3.90)

Meant for diabetics, this is a good alternative.

Pappa Steamed Bread with Butter and Kaya ($3.20)

Thick chewy steamed bread lathered with their homemade kaya only spells no greater joy that non-kaya lovers cannot fathom.

Just the way I love it - a butter chunk and smear of kaya!

Pappa Toasted Bread Special with Butter and Kaya ($3.20)

I thought the steamed version better than toasted bread, this was not too outstanding against the kaya toast giants as the steamed bread is.

Best of friends - kaya and butter.

Half Boiled Eggs ($2.90, two eggs)

The folks behind PappaRich invented a machine to ensure their boiled eggs remain consistently runny - how they do it, I have no idea but boy every egg we cracked was a perfect 10.

Perfect with a dash of dark soya sauce and pepper.

Steamed Otak-otak ($4.90)

The ever famous Muar otak can also be found at PappaRich, sold in a set as well as ala carte. This version is steamed, and freshly made daily. Packed with enough fish to make a cat green with envy, I enjoyed this steamed number tremendously.

Super Rich Combo ($16.90)

Comprising of Nasi Rich, an aromatic rice cooked with raisins and herbs, a smattering of meats, seafood and vegetables, this is without a doubt the star of their nasi range. Love goes to their melt in my mouth braised beef, spicy squid, crispy fried juicy chicken that could rival the fastfood joints anytime and of course, the belachan that made everything more than delicious.

Say yes to crispy fried chicken.

Pappa Char Kuay Teow ($9.90)

Enough wok hei and this is definitely a different take on char kuay teow as compared to the hawkers'. Definitely on my favourite list!

Powerhouse chilli. 

Pappa Curry Laksa ($9.90)

Touted as "Malaysia's favourite dish", this rich sinful laksa dish is meant for sharing with the amount of ingredients tossed in - chicken, cockles and tau pok.

A dish definitely worth a try. 

Pappa Assam Laksa ($10.90)

The other variation with a broth made with pineapples and assam, laced with a fruity aftertaste and hinging more on the sour side, a spicier punch is desirable.

Pappa Cendol ($3.90)

Pappa ABC ($4.90)

Comes with durian usually but since they ran out of it, here is one without. An icy treat!

PappaRich offers very affordable fare at tasty prices! Worth a revisit!

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