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Oriole Coffee Revisited @ Triple One Somerset

Rain coupled with a penchant for revisiting past dining places landed us at Oriole. There was a period where it was the chosen location for a few visits consecutively.

Happy hours are the root of all evil - 1 for 1 included.

US Angus Beef ($35)

A decent take on steak which justified us not picking Bedrock for dinner.

Philly Cheese and Steak ($18)
Beef striploin, Onions, Peppers, Swiss Cheese, Hero Bread

This fits the bill for cheese and steak - think enough slices to make a wholesome bite and take in all the ingredients. Toasted bread, steak and cheese was suffice to make this a favourite sandwich.

The Oriole Burger ($25)
100% US Anggus Patty, Cheddar, Lettuce, Tomato, Onions, Hand Cut Chips, Tomato Relish

Then there was the signature burger that pretty much exists in every other cafe's menu. Crumbed beef patty meats the full works - pack an empty appetite to take this down.

This revisit a number of years later proved worth the while - they have improved by quite a bit since the last visit.

Oriole Coffee
Triple One Somerset

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