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Morsi Sorsi @ Telok Ayer Street

Thanks Andy and Wesley for the invite!

Morsi Sorsi opens at Telok Ayer Street, right smack next to The Rotisserie. This is the latest venture by Chef Leena who also helms Gattopardo at Fort Canning Hotel that has relocated to Tras Street. Word has it that the Chef appears regularly over lunch to mingle with customers and also has private dinners thrown once a month to showcase Gattopardo favourites and Morsi Sorsi delights in a 15 course dinner. Priced at $88++ per head, sounds like a good deal for an intimate meal!

Cosy interior.

I love counter seats for increased interaction with the chef.

Full fledged menu.

Too hot too handle over lunch time on weekdays, the place has been described as full by 12 noon but business is brisk. Dinner sports a more laidback crowd, usually for tapas and pre-dinner drinks.

Portions featured are tasting portions unless otherwise mentioned.

We had a sampling of their tapas first, before a showcase of their dinner menu. 

Tomatoes with Buffalo 

I missed the buffalo cheese I had in Rome and this was a good substitute - also made fresh, the contrast between the milky cheese and fresh tomatoes were delightful.

Don Bocarte Anchovy and Bread ($6)

Normal portions are larger than these, at least the bread is larger. Crisp bread with a delectable anchovy and tomato to balance any tartness.

Arancini ($6)

This is a breaded deep fried vegetarian rice ball, suitable for rice lovers.

The pops of colour within.

Fish in Carpione ($12)
Sweet and sour onions and snapper

The tangy notes of this dish made it particularly appetizing. Paired with an easy to eat snapper, tapas was made super easy.

Morsi and Sorsi Salad ($14)
Grilled chicken, spinach, carrots, walnuts, orange

I love the colours for one and grilled chicken is marinated before grilling hence the lovely touch of spices and succulence retained in the chicken slices. One of the few cooked salads sold around Raffles Place as most are raw.

Piadina Panini ($13)
Parma ham, mozzarella, rucola, tomato, truffle sauce

Touted as a ladies lunch favourite, this compact grilled sandwich had a lovely truffle dressing that made all the difference - afterall, ham and cheese is common sight.

Homemade Beef Lasagna ($15)

Sheets of pasta with beef bolognese made it taste just like home.

This was new on the menu - tube pasta stuffed with spinach and loaded with enough cream and cheese.

Upclose and personal.

Sin city. 

Glazed Veal Ribs with Mash Potatoes and Borletti Beans ($23)

A full portion gets you 4 meaty ribs with the side of mash and beans. I loved the bite of the veal ribs, which did not taste too far off from pork.

Cannolli ($9)

3 sugar dusted pieces of pastry plumped with freshly made ricotta cheese, dried fruit and chocolate balls. I thought this was a nice finish to the meal.

Our pretty bartender concocting her favourite drinks for us.The meal was paired with Aperol, fruit flavoured alcoholic spritzers that pair well with the light bites.

The melon worked better for me. 

Espresso ($3)

It took us both on a walk down memory lane back in Italy.

Au revoir Morsi Sorsi, until we meet again!

Morsi Sorsi
51 Telok Ayer Street

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