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Le Fonticine @ Via Nazionale, Florence

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This was the other restaurant recommended by the hotel after Za-Za's. Le Fonticine has been awarded best restaurant in Florence for 2013 so then we were all excited to try.

An elaborately decorated restaurant.

The menu. 

A lovely postcard to remember Le Fonticine by.

Sweets on the table, for display methinks since nobody touched it.

No bread this time round which was acceptable to us since the bread was hardly that great anyway.

Pici with Ragout of Cinta (11 EUR)

We had the pasta swopped for tagliatelle and the minced pork was ordinary.

Linguine CodFish (10 EUR)

I still find their cod fish too salted and since it was a Florence speciality, we had a go at it.

Filet Chianti, Wine and Raisin (21 EUR)

Florentine steak with all its juices, and while I like the tenderness of the beef the sauce was on the sour side.

We were keen on dessert despite the rocky start, the waiter kept waving his finger at us "Give me 5 minutes" for at least a good 20 minutes before we threw in the towel and asked for the bill. Fair enough that the place was packed but would passing us a menu kill?

Le Fonticine
Via Nazionale, 79r, 50123 Florence

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