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Hotel Rapallo @ Via S. Caterina d' Alessandria,Florence

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Hotel Rapallo was a supposed 10 minute walk from the Termini station but proved to be a much longer walk. Basically walk to the end of the lane and you'd fine Rapallo there, past the Independent Park even. Location was quiet and away from the hustle and bustle of tourist traps.

Look up and be greeted by these lamps.

Hiding behind those doors during winter was the best way to keep warm.

Festive touches in the hotel.

Lovely colours. 

Breakfast was served at the ground floor restaurant, as was tea which we promptly missed every other day. 

Tables placed so close, everything was within earshot.

Full view of the spread.

The good thing about Europe is their adoration for sweets, even at breakfast.

Looking like chocolate but tasting like berries. 

Breadrolls are always a must and I tend to assume they are freshly baked though usually not.

Salad dressings in a basket. 

Greens for the day with chees

I can never go wrong with cereal and much to my surprise, we found incredibly sweet lychees at breakfast table!

Never enough of their cold cuts and cheese.

For days in a row, I had my own DIY sandwich - cheese cubes, salami and cheddar on toasted bread. The simple things that work.

The other variation, I must have been in love with the cheese.

The culprits.

Banana yogurt had to be a first but a delicious one, tasted almost like milkshake!

Apple jam tart that had the same crumbly and dry texture.

Butter cake that would rival the crumbly and coarse texture.

The stay was decent though not the best service nor beds. I would suggest other options nearer the train station to be closer to the action.

Hotel Rapallo
Via S. Caterina d' Alessandria 7, Firenze

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