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Hotel Dharma @ Rome

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Tripadvisor, I say again is godsent. It pointed me to Dharma Hotel and bless the transfer I booked from, despite the 2 hour delay by Swiss Air the driver was still waiting for us at the arrival hall. I suppose the streets of rome look the same to any first time traveller and it may have seemed to take quite forever before we arrived at the door step of our hotel with the driver pointing us to the hotel.

Lucky or not, there were two guys at the door welcoming us and within the same building there was another hotel - Le Petit.

We had the luxury of having one room upgraded and it came with a living room! Cushy bed with a portrait suitable for Rome - arty, farty and all things creative.

I probably cannot live with drapery above me but it's a hotel alright!

Spacious as can be living room area.

Sauna in bath which I experimented and had some fun with. Loved the moodlights best!

Toiletries on the house - their moisturizer came in handy in the later leg of the trip.

Refillable daily, these toasts were somewhat dry which is better than greasy ones.

On the 3rd floor, there is a coffee machine but this was non operating during our stay.

Breakfast was just downstairs, two doors away at Cotto Ristorante.

The spacious restaurant was mostly reilled every morning but thankfully they refilled the food until breakfast hours ended.

A not so wide spread but this proved to be the widest spread in our entire European trip.

Coldcuts and cheese are staples.

Cakes at breakfast - very agreeable with me.

Something about their cereal that is particularly addictive.

More of the sweets drizzled in chocolate sauce.

The holy grail of all bacon - just the right amount of fat and flavour, and these were not overcooked till they were crunchy. Two types available and these were artery clogging kind of addictive so much so they ran out of it.

The other crunchy evil twin that I did not fancy too much. The omelettes were rather rubbery though.

Rockets that are so norm here - at least better than lettuce leaves!

Cereal always works for me when the stomach is hardly awake so early.

Something about croissants and coldcuts that I cannot resist.

The terribly coarse and dry marble cake.

I refuse to believe Italian desserts can be this disappointing and until I met Passionfruit tart that was equally a letdown.

If anything, their coffees are really good. Americano, cappucino, name it the talented barrister can churn out something.

Our stay in rome was just a great way to start the trip, comfortable and really well located. I would not hesitate to stay here again!

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.

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  1. Thank you for your tip! Highly appreciated! Looking forward to welcoming you to our hotel next time in Rome!
    Best regards- Lorenzo Macinanti, Hotel Dharma GM