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Grom @ Via Banchi di Sopra, Siena

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GROM was on the list of gelato places I wanted to try and was the only one infact I chanced upon - the rest were purely by the way. Word has it that it's the best that Italy has to offer - as much as many will refute, a gelato chain cannot be all that bad.

Strange enough, we chanced upon it in Siena and that was probably the last we saw of it throughout the trip.

Prices on the wall, I was half expecting it to be premium or prestige but it was considerably affordable given its gelato royalty status.

Cups stacked to be served - the queues were neverending.

The simple behind the counter layout and pity the gelato guy - there was just one person manning the counter and register.

The sticky and very malleable gelato that the scooper very swiftly places in the cup. 

Two scoops (2.50 EUR)

Pear was to die for - I always thought sherbets and sorbets were nature's best answer to freezing fruit in a dessert, until it became gelato and GROM's gelato no less. The full fruit captured in the gelato right down to the grittiness and refreshing aftertaste of a pear - I can only say, I lived to try a darn good gelato!

Crema di Grom was equally divine, their specialty infact. A full bodied and rich treat.

For the nano second, I wouldn't mine a GROM christmas tree either!

When they say nobody does it like GROM, trust them.

Siena is a small town with so much to see and experience but it was a great pity that time was against us. Someday I will be back to witness their annual contrada's horse races! Here are some snaps I took around the town.

Contrada flags. 

The streets filled with lights and it felt just like Christmas.

Looking more like christmas no?

These were sold all over the town, nearly.

A sign to express their anger towards Made In China assumptions.

Via Banchi di Sopra 11/13, Siena

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